Our Services

-Owning Mission, Vision & Core Values
-Implementing & Updating Policies, Rules & Regulations, Regulatory compliances
-Setting Up Business Strategies
-Targets & Objectives from Top to Bottom
-Follow Up Mechanism
-Communication Strategy

Efficient Management

It’s the Management who drives the Company & achieves the Success for their Organizations at same time for any crunch or hurdles in the business, it’s only the management is responsible for it. Therefore it’s very important that management should not only define & design their strategies correctly but, its implementation is also equally important. So for successful Organization it requires that the management should be efficient, and for same we have the following programs…

Proficient HR

Human Resource is the heart of Organization. Many times it has been observed that Organizations has very good product or services to provide to market, they do the well business also but when it comes to growth factor year on year, it stuck. One important cause of this concern is HR. As HR is almost available in plenty of Organizations but it just work as department, where it is essential that HR needs to be Efficient for development of an Organizational.

-Review of Employee Behavior against JD
-ESI Survey
-Competence Matrix
-Training Need Identification
-Effective Performance Appraisals
-Analysis of Attrition Rate
-FeedBack Mechanism

Right Fit for Right Place

When you look at the growth of any Organization, then most of us look at the numbers that the company produces, but we forget the most important factor behind those numbers it’s the company’s staff. How successful your Organization will depend on how you look at employee while recruiting. Recruitment and selection are the most critical and significant human resources functions. Unless the organization has the perfect combination of available employees, it will not be able to grow and flourish.All the steps of the recruitment and selection processes are equally important in attracting and retaining the right talent with right skills and aptitude for the job. We support you find the right fit for right place.

FTF meetings (In person meetings)

This is specifically, for discussing the solutions on individual's problems. Such meetings may take several sessions for analysing your problem till to give the solutions on same. For some reason we prefer to have these meetings at public place.


Training & Seminar

We offer Training to Individuals, Private Groups & Corporate Sectors. Training topics will be Leadership, Corporate Politics, Communication, Influencing Skills, Presentation techniques, Team Building & Handling, People Reading, BTE2 techniques, etc.

Image Building

You might be the best guy in your team, but to show that you are performing as a Best guy, it’s an Art. We explain this Art & by using same you can enhance your image as Brand.


Employee Assessments

By conducting different exercises we create the data on Employee’s thinking pattern, aspirations, expectations, ownerships perceptions & many more for Entrepreneurs.

Visual Business

We provide tools & training to Entrepreneurs for setting their KPIs, Strategies, Index of Employee Performances, etc. by creating single platform for analysing business just by bird eye view.


Tactics of Corporate Politics

We are only one in this sector, where you will be prepared for analysing of corporate politics in your day to day working life & be developed for facing & playing such political games with Positive Thought Process.